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Script Samples

Here are some sample works of mine.


A Night On Blood Mountain

Short Horror Excerpt

A young girl builds a snowman one snowy winter.


The Apple

Short Mental Health Awareness Script

A teenage girl struggles mentally and mourns her mother’s death.
Warning: Mentions of suicide

Miss Understanding.jpg

Little Miss Understanding

Child Mindset Script

Even if you're clear, children don't always understand what you tell them. I know I didn't.

Poetry Samples

Here is some poetry I wrote.


It's Okay To Clown Around

Inspired by Fizzarolli from Helluva Boss

About my life on the autism spectrum.


Your Smile

Inspired by Alastor from Hazbin Hotel

For when we forget what a smile really means, or when we want to hide how we feel.


Afraid to Love

IInspired by Blitzø from Helluva Boss

Everyone has an irrational fear of something. Imagine when it's someone you love and you don't know how to help them.

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