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Books by Rebecca Proenza

A series of four books called Protectors Of Humanity, and a stand-alone novel.

A graphic novel coming soon-ish.

Protectors of Humanity

Book 1 is available online!

Science Fiction and Horror novel, a young girl's family is murdered in front of her, and she finds the power within her to avenge their deaths.

New EBook 1 (1).jpg

Protectors of Humanity

Book 2 is available online!

Our girl has put herself and her friends in a deadly predicament.

Book 2 New Full Cover copy.png

Protectors of Humanity

Book 3 is available online!

Our girl has new enemies as well as old ones to face.

Bec's_Book_3_ Cover_v003_Resize.jpg

Protectors of Humanity

Book 4, the final book, is available online!

The final showdown. Who will win?

Book 4 New copy.png

The Earth In Gray

Stand-alone is available online!

An older teen, who is not human, has lived on Earth her entie life after her grandparents fled their home planet for the gray race to survive. She has to overcome her mixed feelings of Earth and hatred for humans in order to save her people.

Earth in Gray Full Cover copy_edited.jpg
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